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I have been using a 10/100 ethernet connection for a few years for my lan parties, and I now have to upgrade to a hub with more connections. For a the best gaming experience, what is the best type of hub? Should I switch over to Firewire, or stick with ethernet?
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  1. how many ports do you need? if you need more than 8 you really should get a switch instead of a hub. without going into too much detail i will just say they are "faster". cs game server -
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  2. Why get a hub in the first place. If you gonna buy something don't waste your money on a hub because a switch has much better performance per port and is more "managed" than a hub.

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  3. Switch or router (if you don't have one) will do you best.

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  4. Any particular recommendations? I need to link 10-12 pc's using 10/100 ethernet ports.
  5. <A HREF="" target="_new">These</A> are NICE!!!

    May be a bit of overkill for you though... :smile:

    I personally like Linksys. They are made by Cisco. Best Buy has two Linksys 16 port switches on their <A HREF="" target="_new">website</A>. One for $129, one for $99. <A HREF="" target="_new">Newegg</A> also has a bunch. Searched for Linksys 16 port. You will have to compare them, but I saw two for $77 or so...

    Another option would be to get another smaller one (8 port) and link the two together...

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