notebook on the cheap?

I'm looking to find a dirt cheap notebook that I can drag around to watch movies on and do some office stuff, and I'm planning on buying used to save money.
My primary requirements are those pertaining to watching movies: a good screen, decent sound (through headphones - so the built in speakers can be crap for all I care), DVD player, and decent battery life (it must last through a 2hr movie, bonus if I can watch Stephen King's <i>The Stand</i> all the way through without changing or charging the battery). All movies will be on DVD, so I don't need a powerful CPU for decoding video.
I'm not looking for today's top of the line stuff - I'd settle for yesterday's midrange, or even last weeks enthusiast, whatever it takes to make this affordable (my budget is a mere $200 - feel free to smack me around if I'm being unreasonable here).
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  1. ebay might help a little, other than that.. @200 bux there is nothing I can think of, especially with 2 hours of battery (meanning: faget about it)

    PS: and if you'll include "good screen".. jeez, don't even mention it @200 ;)

    PPS: hehe

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  2. Thats what I figured. I've found notebooks selling cheap on ebay, but I have no idea if they are good enough for my purposes.
  3. If you'll stick with IBM which is going around 300~+- they work longer than the rest in most cases and have better (whiter, beter color reproduction) screens at that age.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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