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Okay I just randomly remembered this game and now I really want to know what it was called. I used to play it all the time when I was a kid.

Okay well its a game like and RTS cause you build a base consisting of buildings that produce vehicles but you do all of the commanding as a unit on the feild.

I remember you could jump out the you were in and get in a better one or just run around as a little space man.

I think the resources were scraps that you had to have gathered.

And i think it was like a Space Race type thing Russia vs. US

the environments were like on the moon type deal.

Any ideas would be AWESOME!!

I know its not a lot to go on. but i REALLY want to know what game this is.

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  1. Sounds to me like it might have been Total Annihilation.

    You couldn't get out of your commanders robotic body but everything else you have described sounds exactly like it.

    It's not USA vs Russia though. ARM vs Core.

    You can get it very cheap on
  2. definitely NOT TA, not even close.

    OP: could you be a little more clear about "do all the commanding as a unit"?

    around what year were you playing this game?

    what were the graphics like? 2d vs 3d?
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    Battlezone, perhaps? The US and Russia space race is a coverup to hide the solar-system wide warfare between the two countries, and they're battling across the solar system to harvest rare ore to build their awesome hovertanks with?
  4. If not battle zone the only other game I can think of is G-NOME
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  6. Thank you Battlezone was it!

    Thanks Again!
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