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Me and my friend are building him a PC, neither of us have ever built one before.

Anyway so we seem to have assembled it fine, everything connected correctly as far as we could see
However when we plugged the power in n turned on the powersupply it began to emit a high pitch, anoying, whine that u sometimes hear from TV's or monitors. It was a 400 watt supply that came with the case, we went to bestbuy n bought an antec 350 watt n tried it and produced the same high-pictched whine.

the specs are

P4 2.4ghz HT 800mhz fsb socket 478
Albatron PX915P4C Pro it's a socket 478 pci express mobo
80 gig hd
512 PC3200 DDR ram 1 stick
Radeon x700 256 DDR2 pro ATI express video card

was a 400watt Rosewill ATX case

As of now we pin pointed the problem to the fact that the motherboard power connector is 24pin while the power supply is 20pin, so we we're gonna try to find an adapter for it tomorrow. The auxilary power was connected n everything seemed fine.

Just wondering if the 24/20 pin issue is what's causing it, would that cause the psu to produce such a high pitched sound? The power would not turn on at all in the computer.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Feel free to buy the adapter, but I don't think that was your problem.

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