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Games that will work with my PC Specs

Hello, I got a Laptop that has this specs

OS: Windows XP SP3
Processor: Intel Celeron 2.8ghz (1.4ghs Pentium IV equivalent)
RAM: 705mb (458mb shared)
Video Card: ATi Radeon IGP 345m 64mb (i dont know if this has Transform and Lighting)
Sound Card: ALi audio wave.

Help me please! I can run Starcraft, Medieval Total war 1, Halo, and Baldurs Gate 2. Help me to find games that will work.

Also, Got some other questions

1. Can KOtor run on my pc? as well as Half Life 2?

2. How will I know if i have TnL

Thanks! Help me please! :)
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  1. bump. zzz
  2. Hi :)

    HL2 might run if not HL1...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Total war will but do it in short spurts. That game tends to heat up and laging when too much is going on at one time. Your laptop is not a gaming one.

    Your CPU will hold you back on a lot of todays games. You could try the games but don't expect anything. If you want to game I would build a rig or buy the Alien wear loptops or go to cyber and take a look. Good Luck to you
  4. Brett928S2 said:
    Hi :)

    HL2 might run if not HL1...

    All the best Brett :)

    I saw HL2 requirements, and i think it wont work. HL1, well, I bought it. and it works great!

    As of DM186 I want some 2004-1990's games. but yeah, i hope i'll get a alienware. lol.

    I need more games! lol help me out ;)
  5. nexus141 said:
    bump. zzz

    Bump posts
  6. You cannot run squat with this laptop. Just buy a new one. You can run starcraft on this for sure however.
  7. is where you want to start shopping, if that's all you've got to game with. They're an incredible classic-games dealer, and it's $6 or $10 USD for whatever game you want on there.

    Your system specs come in below the minimum for KotOR, so you should be able to run it on there. If you like Baldur's Gate, look at the rest of the Infinity engine games. Icewind Dale 1+2, Baldur's Gate 1, and, by far the most incredible of the lot, IMO, Planescape: Torment. For that matter, I'd tenatively say you should be able to run Beyond Good and Evil, and Psychonauts, as well. And there's Freespace 2 as well, if you've got a mouse hooked up, one of the best space fighter sims behind TIE Fighter.

    Sure, most of the games are a decade or more old, but they're games who deserve to be replayed, because even as far as graphics and presentation have come, the stories they tell, and the way they tell them, are as good as, if not better than the ones you get today.
  8. DM, thanks for the links
    Dessirris really? I cannot run KotOR. oh man.
    Sorry for the bump.
  9. Best answer
    You can try. Your system is below recommended spec, but actually just above the mins. It might work, and a digital copy you can download and install on any computer is always worth having. Best thing you could do is try.

    I'd worry about heat buildup, though, unless you have a cooling platform, or a nice, efficient built in cooling system in that laptop, you're going to have to worry about overheating. I've got a 2ghz Pentium M, 2GB RAM, with a 128mb Intel 915gm graphics chipset, and I can't even run Starcraft or Baldur's Gate, much less KotOR, because the system overheats to the point of shutdown in under half an hour.

    Oh, and according to Half Life Files, Half Life 2, despite its listed system minimums, will apparently scale all the way down to an absolute minimum of:
    700mhz Processor
    128 mb of RAM
    64 mb Video Card
  10. I like the game Galactic Civilizations 2 get the expansions.

    Get any/all of the 'Thief' games and 'System Shock 2'!

    If you liked Baldurs Gate, check out the digital download service "Impulse" owned by Gamestop. I just picked up "D&D Anthology: The Master Collection" for $19.99

    Bundle Includes:

    •Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 + Expansions [Average Metacritic: 91%]

    •Icewind Dale 1 & 2 + Expansions [Average Metacritic 85%]

    •Planescape: Torment [Metacritic 91%]

    •The Temple of Elemental Evil [Metacritic 71%]
  11. Dessirris I picked up a HL2 copy from my friend, fired it up and it run smoothly, but not the Smoothliest in a PIV. Also I got Unreal Tournament 2004, Only bothering me tho is the Loading Times, Thanks!

    psychodegu I bought SS2 but i got errors on it. Also Finished Baldur's Gate 2 and uninstalled It, Might try Icewind Dale 1 tho. Thanks!

    I am still looking for the sort of game that can run, FPS or RPG. :)
  12. Return to Krondor was a fun rpg.
  13. What kind of RPG games are you looking for in the 90,s to 2004? Dungons and Dragons stuff, Army, Final Fantasy stuff, Space, etc?
  14. tbh with a system like that i don't think you will be able to play any games with nice visuals and satisfying performance. Very old games perhaps with graphics requirements of 16mb, i remember my very old computer had a 128mb graphics card, i was able to play C&C Renegade, but any game above the 16mb graphics requirement struggled. I bought a Pavilion Slimline a couple of years ago with an ATI 3450 and that was a 256mb card, that was just enough to play games of a 32mb graphics requirement, but i was having inadequate performance.

    You really need to upgrade your computers memory (ram). Try and see if you could get yourself a new laptop or desktop, i mean if you really like games, i mean seeing how there are very few games of a 16mb graphics requirement out there, you'd find it hard to get a hold of them and you might not like them. If all comes to worse get an xbox 360/ps3. You will see that the new games with newer graphics are definately worth it, well somewhat, they seem a bit generic and non customisable though.
  15. DM Rpgs that is a Dungeon Crawler, or maybe just has a interesting story. I got Diablo 2 btw.

    nashsafc I can play UT99/Quake 3/HL and Jedi Outcast smoothly. I dunno. Maybe I'll try to upgrade this but that's not gonna happen until a few years.
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