How do you setup a PS3 on computer monitor?

can you set it up to a dell cpu?
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  1. can you provide the name of the monitor? most likely, if it accepts hdmi it is very simple, just plug it in. you may need an adapter to convert to DVI or other.
  2. OP question makes no sense. You're asking about connecting a PS3 up to a display, but then you ask about a system builder and manufacturer together with a PC component?

    I are confooz.
  3. He may think cpu is a shortened version of computer.

    I think he means can he connect his PS3 to his computer.
  4. ^ although he says monitor, so it would seem he is looking for a display.
  5. Yes he did, but to some people (not me personally, but possibly the OP) computer / monitor / display all mean the same thing.

    He may be wanting to connect his PS3 to the same monitor he uses for his computer. Which would explain why he said both monitor and "cpu".
  6. yes it is a tad contradicting.
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