Cant get GTA IV to run smoothly anymore

hey all,
I recently bought GTA IV and i was having trouble getting it to run smoothly, so i searched the forums and found some things that would help, like updating to the latest GPU driver, defragmenting the hard disk and updating the game to ( because sparkIV wont work on the others i dont think). I did these three things and i go into the game and as usual the GTA art will play for at least 2-3 minutes which is actually a long time, then another 15-25 seconds to load the saved game. Everything lagged like crazy as usual and it will start to get smoother while playing for 10-20 minutes will on the lowest of settings. So when everything was running smooth, i then maxed out the settings, a little bit of lag for 30 seconds then it stopped and everything ran super smoothly throughout the whole game. So now that everything was sweet i decided to chuck in some more mods (already had tons of mods installed). I launch the game and the GTA IV clip art only lasted at least 5-10 seconds- and the game loaded in at least 3 seconds, there was not one spec of lag and everything ran super smoothly and loaded like 90% quicker than before from low settings to max. I did a bad mod by accident and uninstalled gta iv, reinstalled it and repeated the same steps above. The exact same thing happened and i did this at least 3 times because i like to fiddle and i always forget to backup the files i replaced with modded ones.
NOW, it doesn't work when i repeat the update to and defrag hard disk. Now everytime i launch gta iv it takes even longer to load than if i didnt do the 3 above things to help it run smoothly. Now i have to run everything on half settings to low and i still get occasional lag and it doesnt matter how many times i repeat the above steps to make gta iv run smooth, it just doesn't work. The steps above that worked 4 times before, dont work anymore and its driving me nuts. I dont know what to do now that i cant get GTA IV to run smooth anymore. I dont get it, i have phenom ii x4 855 oc to 3.6ghz, an hd6950 oc to like 900/1325 and i cant even get gta iv to run on medium settings when before doing the above steps can run it maxed out. Can somebody please recommend me something to fix this? Has anybody done the same thing and gotten the same problem that i have?

edit: and now i can only run 400mb/2gb... like seriously, is that right? Because before i can run like 1.6/2gb.
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  1. you may need to move the entire folder closer to the outside of the disk dont place it at the absolute outside as that should be where your page file and other system critical files sit for best system performance.... if its on a different partition to your o.s then move it over to the primary partition.
    reason. every partition you add to your drive will cause a 10% reduction in the drives performance for that section. so a drive with 3 partitions will be fast on the first and loose 20% on the third.

    also defragging may actually be part of the problem. when you use windows own it will find free space and fill it with any file that will fit. meaning gta could in theory be spread right across the disk but because the files aren't fragmented the o.s will think all is ok... get a decent defragger that allows file placement... something like ultimate defrag if your an advanced user or piriform defraggler if your a beginner

    also a bad/fragmented registry can cause issues with gta 4 so use ccleaner and run it a few times till you get everything. then reboot...(always reboot after cleaning the registry)

    a reduction is memory allocation points to o.s corruption. either you have a virus/malware of a corrupt game install.
  2. sweet i really appreciate the help man ill do that now. Haha but can you please explain to me the first thing again because im not that advanced when it comes to that stuff, can you please recommend me the best place to put gta iv?
  3. as you say your not an advanced user just use defraggler. select your drive , then go to the settings/options tab, under the defrag tab you will see a checkbox for mover big files to the back of the disk. a standard avi is about 700mb so move any file bigger than 600mb and select the checkbox to move certain filetypes only (this way you limit the chance of moving something important) to the back of the disk... this should split your files into 2 distinct groups... big data files and executables and system files.
    and leave blank space in the middle of the drive.
    you would need to use the advanced options on ultimate defrag to move individual files to preferred parts of the disk... which may be a little beyond you atm...
    if the above fails to improve the game i will try to explain it better or find you a link to what it actually does.
  4. Nah sorry man it hasn't worked :( I don't understand though, before everything ran super fast, at least 95% faster and on maxed settings, it took about 20 seconds to get into the game. Now its 95% slower on mid settings and takes 5 minutes to get into the game. I cant even press the windows button and then go back into it without the program randomly not responding. Something has definitely gone wrong or something.
  5. The other day i was oc'ing my cpu with the amd auto clock and my computer crashed and went to a blue screen and said something about dumping memory or something like that. Could something have stuffed up the system when that happened? Because the game pretty much slowed down when that happened after i reinstalled it.
  6. its entirley possible. get an app called bluescreen view ,download link is at the bottom of the page. this will allow you to view the dump log. which is what was created when the pc shut down... the info you want is the short error text and the 0x0000000 number, the 4 (000000,000...) numbers are less important but could point to a more accurate diag of the error.

    also if you got the oc worng you need to go back to bios and load optomized defaults... reset your hpet (high precision event timer) mode to match the bit rate of your o.s if using win7/vista, and drive selection (if you changed it). change any other personalized settings that you use (turn boot spalsh off/ peg mode and so on, if the options are available ) but leave the cpu and memory settings alone. reboot and allow the system to update...
  7. Because i wasn't 100% sure how to enter the bios on my motherboard i just removed the cmos battery for about 5 minutes with my computer off to reset everything. Before i did that i opened bluescreen view and nothing come up and it said that i have zero errors. Something is definitely slowing down the gta iv files or something because i notice how when i go outside once the game loads it will take a while for background buildings etc to load and takes about 3-5 minutes to load the entire scenery. Is there anything that could be possibly causing a complete slowdown of the game? Because the first time i got it to run fast, i had to play it while it was slow like it is at the moment right after i installed it, i closed it down and it would run fast, but its not doing that now.
  8. And also i found that in AMD engine control center where i oc'ed my gpu, i recently saw the engine clock monitor is jumping from 250 to 900mhz every 10-15 seconds and it never used to do that, only recently about the time gta 4 stopped running fast that happened. Before that it just stayed at 0 or something and when i had gta iv actually running it went to 810-900mhz
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