Looking for More (WoW/BF3)


Anyone interested in re-rolling on a WoW server...

Or playing BF3 from time to time...

Considering that both games are more fun with people... rather than randoms...

You know...

I prefer if you were mature...

[no females] <-- Kidding.

Leave a Post :D
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  1. For Battlefield 3; add me: EricTheStorm

    I'm pretty beast so no worries about that.

    I tend to play more in the afternoons and night as I teach during the day.
  2. I play bf3 during the weekend. My acc name is sgtpepper500 and I am pretty good.
  3. Awesome I'll add you now :]
  4. Bump//Anyone else? :]
  5. BF3, irontiger204, Play nights.
  6. BF3, irontiger204, Play nights.
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