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Battlefield 3 crashes in single player every time I try to save a new game, sometimes when I try to load a game, and occasionally when I try to open it. To fix this problem I have...
-Updated the graphics card drivers to the newest version, then to the beta.
-Repaired the game twice
-Run the game with and without gamebooster on to clear up memory
-Run the game with and without my graphics card overclocked
-Run the game at low, medium, and high settings
-And finally, searched the internet for solutions
I have an 4 core AMD Propus @ 3.4 ghz (stable for the last 6 months), Radeon 6850, 8 gigs of ram, and a 23.6" monitor @ 1920 by 1080.
Any ideas?
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  1. Are you running the latest driver for your video card (12.1)? because in the patch notes they stated: Battlefield 3 may crash when run at ultra settings.
    so if this is the case try to set your settings a bit lower and see if it works, if that solves it you can try the newer (beta) drivers for 12.2, or revert back to the 11.12 driver if you don't like your settings to be down.

    Hope this helps
  2. My freezing issue was with my RealTek driver. Update it and it's been fine. You running RealTek audio?
  3. I'm running the 12.2 drivers because of the very same reason you gave there. I'm gonna update the RealTek drivers and see if that does help.
  4. hmm ok, well yeah updating any and all drivers is always a good start in those kinda cases. good luck with it.
  5. Nothing worked, I'm just playing multiplayer, which, although buggy, at least works. I'm just going to wait for the next drivers for all of my stuff and see how everything works out.
  6. Have you checked the health of your HDD? Scan Disk/Check Disk, at least a defrag?

    BF3 is a bit prone to crashing it seems, I still have it happen here and there. On Loads and Saves in particular is a bit odd, though.
  7. My HDD has 0% fragmentation and has no errors. It's fairly new as well.
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