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I'm trying to add a linksys wireless router (BEW11S4) within an
intranet in order to get wireless access within our little area of the

I can set it up, connect to it and get a wireless signal (with access
to the internet connection).

My problem is, I'm trying to gain access to network drives. The router
is setup with no DHCP for local computers, but automatically obtaining
an IP from the network. The IPs of the network start at 10.0.0.x

The subnet masks for both the router and the network are the same

How to I bridge the communications gap between the wireless router and
the network? I've read to change the settings of the router from being
a gateway to a router, but even with the updated firmware on this
model, I can't find such an option.

Any thoughts?

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    On 25 Aug 2005 08:39:59 -0700, "xFiver" <> wrote:

    >How to I bridge the communications gap between the wireless router and
    >the network?

    I can't tell exactly what you're doing wrong from your description.
    It's better to describe how to do it right and not try to diagnose
    whatever is going wrong. What you want to do is convert your BEFW11s4
    wireless router into a wireless bridge (i.e. no router).

    1. Do not plug anything into the WAN port.
    2. Connect to the BEFW11s4 and configure the LAN IP address to be an
    unused static IP address in the office LAN range. That would be or whatever. Make sure you don't pick something that's in
    the office networks DHCP range, or is duplicated.
    3. Disable the DHCP server.
    4. Connect a CAT5 cable from the office LAN switch port to one of the
    LAN ports on the BEFW11s4. Make sure the polarity is correct by
    checking the lights on the front of the BEFW11s4.

    Congrats. You now have an access point. You should be able to access
    the wireless configuration at the IP address assigned in step 2. IP
    addresses to the clients will be delivered by the office DHCP server
    (not the BEFW11s4). Security (authorization and authenticaion) is
    your problem as I have no clue what your office LAN is using. Since
    an access point is a bridge and not a router, it knows nothing of IP
    addresses and should therefore be transparent to the network. All the
    shares should be visible.

    Jeff Liebermann
    150 Felker St #D
    Santa Cruz CA 95060
    AE6KS 831-336-2558
  2. Archived from groups: alt.internet.wireless (More info?)

    Thank you kindly, Jeff... that did it.

    You're the man!
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