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Morning, I'm a new user to Windows 7 and had to re-install it on the second day of running my new computer. Since then I can't get a decent resolution on the screens.
When Windows load I get a huge login icon with a tiny space to enter a password. When I run Norton and a number of other programmes I get a much smaller screen than I did on my old computer.
This also seems to effect Firefox where the pages are either huge or tiny, I can make them bigger or smaller but not normal and its a pain doing it on every page and I'm fed up with my Emails being capable of being read in space. IE does not seem to be effected but I don't like it.

So the question is, What is regarded as a normal setting and how can I do it (in very simple terms please). Thanks.
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  1. If you have a crt monitor, you can use almost whatever resolution you want, up to the maximum limit of the monitor.

    LCD monitors have a native resolution that is optimum - 1680 X 1050, 1920 X 1200, etc. You can go smaller and it will work with some lose in quality.

    Your video driver should be capable of setting the screen resolution. Right click on a blank part of the desktop. Select Properties| Settings. Your should be able to select your monitor's resolution by moving the Resolution slider.

    Then once the resolution is set to your monitor's native resolution, use the monitor's controls to adjust the display.
  2. Also you might want to update your graphics/video drivers.
  3. You haven't installed the drivers for your graphics card so Windows is running its basic settings, hence everything being so huge.

    Install the graphics drivers and everything will be fine.
  4. Thanks for the replies, I've now downloaded the lastest drivers and tried to tweak the monitor settings, but unfortunately there is something that I've either messed up or clicked by mistake and its just not 'normal'.

    If I open up any programme I still get the initial screen quite a bit smaller than it used to be, Firefox is unusable due to totally distorted writing which is either huge or tiny and often going down the centre of the screen. Even reloading firefox does not resolve this, but for some reason IE is not affected.

    I've set the Nvidia resolutions to the recommended settings and tried other settings but all seem wrong. (BTW by coincidence my eyes were checked 2 days ago and are good).

    Anyone else had problems re this with Window7 or is it just me? I did not have similar thing with XP. Cheers.
  5. Are you getting any kind of an error message in the device manager with respect to the graphics drivers or the graphics card?
  6. No error messages at all. Because of my limited knowledge and fiddling with settings I feel its a bit of a own goal caused by myself, but it seems to be an impossible task putting things back to normal.
    Even if I delete firefox and download it again it just seems to save the old settings.
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