Strange Graphics Issue within Skyrim

So I have been playing Skyrim for a few months now and since installing I have had the following issue:

When I load a game (whether new or continuing) the sound loads, but the video does not, all I get is a black screen. The way around this has been to alt+tab out of the game a few times and eventually the graphics will load and the game works fine. I still get good FPS once everything has loaded, but I'm not sure why I have to go through this every time. I have even tried leaving the game running for 5 or 10 minutes before alt+tab to see if it takes a while to load, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. I can lower the graphics and it loads just fine, but I would prefer to have the graphics and a higher level.

I am running Windows 7
Intel i5 2400
Nvidia GTX 460

Any help would be appreciated and I will attempt to answer questions as best I can.

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  1. So if I understand you correctly your saying when you lower the graphics the issue of the audio only with black screen does not happen?

    If that's the case I'm not sure what could be causing that but possibly a bug with the driver and game. Is your GPU up to date with drivers?
  2. Correct, lowering the graphics seems to remove the issue.

    yes, my GPU is up to date... I've been looking around and haven't really seen anyone else have this problem.
  3. is your game up-to-date?
    and are your drivers up to date for everything?

    check that your windows sound is set to 44100hz instead of 48000

    also check all the running processes that you got running. This is first time I'm hearing of something like that I think this is some software issue. Shut down everything you don't need and then some and check it that fixes the problem for you. Might help you figure out what it is that's causing this behavior.

    check all your other drivers too, like motherboard bios.

    Your system should have no problem running the game
  4. could be because your running a pirated copy of Skyrim -.-
    If not, then it is most likely because you cannot run this game on max settings with a 460. i have a 460 and i cant run it on max settings.
  5. AntiZig,

    Yes, my game was up to date and so were my video drivers. I tried changing my sound frequency and updated by bios (I always seem to forget about this one) and it only partially helped.

    The game itself loads faster and I still have to alt+tab and bring it back up, just not nearly as much (usually once or twice fixes it now as opposed to 6 - 10 times).

    I will keep looking to see what else may be necessary.

    I appreciate the help.
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