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Hey Guys,

Im in a bit of a dilemma. I currently own an xbox but Im in the process of building a PC for gaming. Im not sure if I should just get rid of my xbox because I wont even use it. Does anyone have any input on whether or not getting rid of the xbox is a good idea. The only games I think that I will be losing out on is sports games more inparticulary football games but they have always dissapointed me so whats the point. Also which games can I use my xbox controller for anyway?

Is the xbox even worth keeping.
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  1. I'd keep it. It's not like there's really any downside to owning both.
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    i would keep it. trade in value at places like gamestop are LOW. you could always try to sell it on your own but that is kind of a hassle plus you wont get back nearly what you put into it. there are many games that use the xbox controller ... dead space 1 and 2, gta 3 SA and 4, fallout 3 and NV, vindictus, nation red and too many others ...
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  4. thanks guys. i know this is a weird question but i appreciate the input haha
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