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How big is the playerbase at BF BC2?

I was decided to buy BF3, but after watching some videos of BC2 for some reason I like it a bit more and I was wondering if it is still worth buying. Because I don't want to buy a game just to find a bunch of empty servers.

Also if you think BF3 is better please tell me why.
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    The player count for BC2 peaked at 2,130 today on steam. Its still worth buying but I would recommend BF3.

    I only just upgraded from BC2 to BF3 as, like you, I thought I would prefer BC2 to BF3, I was wrong.

    BF3 has better graphics, better atmosphere, better leveling/unlock system, bigger maps, more weapons, attachments and gadgets to unlock, better variety of vehicles (Jets), more servers, larger player base.
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