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Well this is my second video review, this time for an indie space combat simulator called SOL: Exodus. I've tried to take on board the feedback I got from my last review, but again any feedback is welcome, but try to keep it semi constructive. For those of you that watch my normal videos if you would prefer I stick to my normal type of video please raise your voice as well.

The fixes mentioned in the review can be found here:

While this video can be watched on any screen it has been encoded to look best on a multi-monitor system, so if your running such a system, then select original quality from the drop down box and watch in fullscreen.
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  1. very watchable well done, i've seen some other tutorials where the POV shifted around so much that it almost made me feel sick.
  2. got this myself and i gotta say im disappointed in it... it really does lack polish it feels like a console game to me and lacks any real atmosphere.
    this isnt a game i would recommend as there are much better space flight sims.
  3. I need to add a note to this review as You Tube annotations doesn't work on 48:10 aspect ratio videos. Patch 1.9 which was announced a few hours after this video went live, the patch is now live and I've just finished playing around with it. The thing I now need to correct because the devs have largely fixed it is my comment on the lead indicator. The lead indicator work much better now, so much so they've had to increase the health of the hostile fighters to compensate.

    That's the only fix directly relevant to the review, there are lots of others though, including some tweaks to joystick support.

    A video of raw gameplay footage will be done upload in about 3 hours time, I'll update the main post with the URL when its done.
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