Browser hangs when I save pictures... usually for about 15..

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When I save images using MSIE or Opera, the browser freezes up... I have to
WAIT after right-clicking, before I can name the file. If I want to scroll
down thru previously saved pictures, it'll feeze up (another wait.) And when
I click Save, ANOTHER wait. It doesn't help to scandisk, defrag, virus-scan,
anti-spy, or close background programs on the taskbar. I have 17 GB on the
hard drive, but that leaves 57 GB free. Would the 17 GB be causing the
application hang? How would I troubleshoot for software conflicts? I have
no other problems with hangs, other than when saving image files. Please
reply soon, as this issue is shortening my life. If you're annoyed by
fluorescent lights that turn on whenever THEY decide it's time to flicker on,
then multiply that annoynce by thousands, and you get the picture.
Surprisingly, I haven't broken any furniture yet, but the neighbors might
have overheard a naughty word now and again. Please help. Thank you!
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  1. Im having a similar problem but I think I have a solution for you.

    The folder you're saving to is scanned by windows everytime for similar files and to load whats in the folder. Saving to an empty folder is fastest and saving to a massive folder is slowest.

    In other words empty the folder youre saving to. Usually 'my pictures'.

    My problem is the same but the folder is nearly empty. After I click save it hangs when it used to not hang. The processor goes up to 50% for a good six or seven seconds then settles and the browser unfreezes. Clearly some kind of scanning by the computer but I dont know what.

    edit: lol I just realized your post is from 2005. Oh well maybe it will help someone. Hopefully your not housed at the local asylum by now.
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