Java crashes

latest version of java repeatedly crashing.No work can be done.

Can anyone help?
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  1. What are you doing when it crashes?

    Uninstall it, does it still crash when you do what you did to make it crash?

    reinstall it.
  2. reinstalling doesn't work.It crashes when the runtime environment is needed to work e.g.some download managers running on java applets
  3. This was happening to me too. I was using Tune Up Utilities to speed up my start up times and had DISABLED JAVA Update Scheduler. this needs to be on so taht you see the JAVA icon in the desktop tray. This in turn will give you a Java Control Panel, and will allow IE9, Windows 7 etc. to start working with Java again. Hope maybe this helps
  4. Disable it from start-up, utilise it only when you need too, and complete all windows updates, and optional updates... the java update (If there is one) will be included in there.
  5. This is 1 year old thread dflui. Make a new one, your very own. Those problems are probably fixed already : )
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