COD4 on Max settings

I recently built a new PC with the following parts

Intel I5 2500k 3.3GHZ
8gb Ram
EVGA 560Ti Fermi 1gb Video card
Gigabyte Motherboard

When i first loaded COD4 it made the optimal settings at 1024X680 resolution whenever i take it to 1920X1080 it seems to have a slight lag and it somewhat choppy especially when using Fraps. when i play games such as BF3 or Skyrim my comp runs them on max settings. i new to this sorry if this seems like a noob question but should i just use the optimal settings?
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  1. Make sure your drivers are ok, and make sure you are using your dedicated video card instead of the in-cpu one... i never saw that o desktops, but...

    I can play here all on max without problems, see if Vertical Sync is not giving you problems try to disable it.
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