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What Cables needed for PS3 to be played on a Monitor and PC Speakers.

Hey Guys. I wanted to play my PS3 on my Monitor and the sound to play on my PC Speakers.

Here is what I got:

PS3 Slim 320GB
Samsung SyncMaster EX1920 @ 18.5" LED
Creative Inspire 5.1 Digial 5700 Speakers

Now thing is, my Monitor only supports DVI and VGA Ports.

My Speakers have this Amplifier (where all the speakers are connected) and I looked at the back that it supports a Digital Audio Optical Port (same as the port on the PS3).

Im not sure with the cables I have in mind but here they are:

HDMI to DVI Cable
Digital Audio Optical Cable

the thing im think is what kind of HDMI and DVI Cable since there are these Male to Female or Male to Male type of cables. don't know which ones...

also if I plug 1 end of the audio optical cable in my PS3 and the other end on the amplifier of my speakers, will it actually give me sound or do I need other stuff for it to work?
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    The audio part should work, at least for stereo. And I think that is the easiest to test (so you can check 5.1 support).
    Regarding the monitor, I see at Samsung that they say it supports HDCP (content protectin), so getting a DVI-to-HDMI cable or adaptor is ok. Note: all devices have female connectors, so you need male-to-male cables. You will need a male-to-female cable only if you need to daisy-chain 2 cables.
    After that, just check to see if audio is set to optical, as HDMI can also send audio. Also, be warned that optical audio is one-way communication, so you need to manually tell the PS3 what signals it can send (44.1/48/96Khz and/or DTS 5.1) and be sure to test it.
  2. Thanks for clearing it up mathew.

    So I need a Male to Male HDMI to DVI Cable and an Audio Optical Cable.

    One off-topic question though,

    I heard that there are some instances that the DVI can send/recieve Audio aswell. Is that true?
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