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Skyrim Laptop or Xbox360?

Last response: in Video Games
January 31, 2012 8:44:22 PM

Now that i got my tax return i have a bit of left over money to buy 1-2 games most notably the game "Skyrim".

My dilemma is that i do not know which version to buy, as of right now i would feel more comfortable buying it for the Xbox since i know it will work as intended and i also have more experience playing on the Xbox (the only game i play on pc is The Old Republic). I also don't know if my PC is even good enough to have comparable graphics to the 360 or if it would even run at a decent frame rate (The Old Republic runs very well but again this is the only PC game i have played on this laptop).

Pretty much what i want to know is if there is any advantage of getting the PC version over the 360, if it is identical and offers no advantage than i would probably just get it for the 360.

My Laptop:

Asus G73S
i7 2630QM
Geforce GTX460M 1.5GB

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January 31, 2012 9:08:34 PM

Textures and graphics are at much higher possible resolutions on the PC, plus there are add-ons available to add even more visual candy/realism. Besides that, think how much your gameplay would benefit: you have a keyboard's worth of hot keys to assign weapon and spell shortcuts.
Ignoring the system specs of the aging XBox 360 platform, I have read reviews about others with lesser CPUs than an i7 and the desktop version of the Gtx 460 with above-medium graphics settings. I think that if you can run The old republic enjoyably, you can run Skyrim better than an Xbox could. I did watch a YouTube vid comparing the graphics from the PC vs an XBox360, they were notably crisper with higher resolution textures (and higher contrast, probably just a setting).
I have the Xbox 360 version because I don't have the money to finish building my PC and buying a copy of windows yet, but given the choice I would definitely have picked the PC version. Side note: I want to play The Old Republic so bad, and EVE online!
January 31, 2012 9:19:55 PM

you can definitely run Skyrim on that computer configuration, i have a 6850, i read the 460m is slighty better than the 5850, so you can definitely run that game on high settings, getting smooth FPS, not only just that but the amount of mods you can add to the game. Put the game on High settings, unlike other games, the difference between high and ultra in Skyrim doesn't affect the object detail at medium to medium far distance, ultra makes the very far distance more detailed, but it has a larger performance hit and its' not worth it. Enable all reflections on the water, FXAA, and set all settings to high. What's your screen resolution?

have a look at this this helped me, it will show you that there is little noticeable difference comparing high to ultra settings, and no noticeable difference at normal viewing distance.