I hv core 2 duo processor n 2 gb ddr 2 ram which graphic card would u suggest

i hv core 2 duo processor n 2 gb ddr 2 ram which graphic card would u suggest for me n my oc :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. core 2 duo processor better for battlefield game

    suggest me graphic card
  2. A Core 2 quad would be even better, I suggest an Nvidia GTX 560ti.
  3. What motherboard you have ? What is your budget ?
    If you want your pc to run better buy another 2GB RAM.
  4. We need to know your full computer specs, what your computer is going to be used for and what your budget is.
  5. Don't double start forum threads

    From the little specs you gave in this post, unless you don't plan on doing much intensive with your PC, you will need to really do a whole new build.

    So start with telling us all your specifications, and what you plan to do with your PC.
    This is in the Games section, so what Games do you want to play andwhat setting were you hoping for in these games?
  6. Depends on what you want to do with the PC, as well as what operating system you're running. In general I'd recommend another 2GB of RAM instead of a new GPU (as sosofm said), but if you want to start light gaming a GPU will take you giant steps ahead of what RAM will do for you.
  7. Add 2gb ram more and a GT550 will do for low to medium settings for gaming (if that is your intention)
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