I recently got a pc for gaming and was wanting to know if I could use my hdtvfor it I have an 46" Samsung Led 3D 1080p tv. It's has the dvi and vga hook ups 6,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio 240hz native resolution is 1,920x1080 or should I just get a pc monitor
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  1. I say you should get another 2 of those monitors and have 3d surround lol.

    Yes it should be very good for gaming, also in 3D (depending on your rig).
  2. tvs arnt very good for monitors as they use overscan. this is where they(broadcasters) send a wider picture so all tv's can display full screen as not all tv's have the same aspect ratio...

    although usable they often wont accept the input fom the gfx without some major faffing about... most people who try to use a tv as there primary display often complain that they cant get the full 1080p to work and are often left with upscaling as there only option... windows will often work fine but its the games that have the issues.

    if you just cant live without gaming on a big tv then use a monitor for day to day and connect your tv as a second display... then just send the games to it when you need to...
  3. Try playing games on your TV and see what you think to it, if you like it keep using it, if you don't, buy a monitor. Simples.
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