Logitech MK260 Wireless on PS3 not working

So, I couldn't find a specific hardware section for the PS3 in looking quickly, so here I am.

Anyhow, bought a PS3 about two months ago, and purchased a Logitech wireless combo (MK260) for my PC. Plugged the wireless dongle into my PS3 though, and found that the mouse works fine, but when I use the keyboard only the arrow keys and the "Enter" buttons work. When attempting to type, it simply doesn't work.

I've tried setting stuff in the PS3's Settings menu, both for keyboards and plugged in hardware (or something, can't remember the exact title now), but couldn't get it working.

Any ideas? It's REALLY annoying having to type with the controller... :O
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  1. Eh. Was just wondering. Hoping, actually. No matter, thanks for the reply.
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