Power Supply Upgrade? vs. Graphic Card Power

OK... I should be able to answer this myself, but I'm having a heck of a time deciphering Compaq's system specs. Here's the deal. I have an older machine (Compaq Deskpro PIII EN 733Mhz) which is all I can really afford right now, that I'm trying to keep alive. For various reasons, I need to upgrade my Geforce 2Ti video card, but all the cards I can find specs for seem to require 250 Watt power supplies or better to run. Mine's a 200 Watt that came with the machine.

My questions are as follows:

1) Can anybody help me figure out if it's possible to stick a more powerful PS into this old beast? And b) if so, what recommendations do you have as to brands, size, etc.

2) Are there any current or recent generation Video Cards out there that I can dig up to replace my current Geforce 2Ti with something a little more recent/capable in the graphics dept.? If it makes any difference, I'm leaning towards cards with a Heatsink rather than a fan, as the fan on the Ti is dying a hideous death right now, causing my most recent dilemna. I figure a case fan and a non-fan-cooled video card are the way to go.

Any help y'all can offer would be MOST appreciated! Thanks!

"I'm sorry Dave... I can't do that."
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  1. hi buddy
    firstly your system is a piece of ****.. some 10 years old
    what age r u need bro..
    nowdays every PC has in it a minimum of 350watts of supply, so obviously the graphic cards now come with 350-500 watts
    so no way your'r gettin a 200 watts (wake up )
    u don't need to think much buy a new PC thats the best option for ya..
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