ATX 12v 2.0 or not?

Ok folks, I have a question. I'm a little confused about the psu version I should be using. My specs are Winchester 3200 on a DFI Lanparty UT nf4 Ultra-D, an ATI x800xl pci-e graphics card and 2x512mb OCZ gold VX dual channel kit. I was planning on getting an ATX 12v 2.0 psu due to higher efficiency, and split 12v rail. I realized the gpu doesn't use a separate psu connector, and also that the DFI manual recommends a 12v 1.1 psu. 2.0 psus tend to have smaller ratings on the 12v rails, and the manual recommends a min 17a on the 12v line. I'm concerned if using a 2.0 psu is a good idea in my situation, and I am planning on doing some OCing, so what are some opinions here? Anyone know of a 12v 2.0 psu with a single 12v rail (I couldn't find one), or should I just stick to a 1.1 or 1.3?

Forgot to mention will be using WD 74gb Raptor

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  1. i would get atx12v 2.0
    not only for the sata and pci-e power connections and higher efficiency but for future expandability.
    i got a great link to one from newegg
    fortron bluestorm 500w only 90$ and looks good
    as far as the amperage the worst that could happen is it draws too much power and blows the fuse
    look at the pic of the psu
    they list several 12v leads and some say 17.5amps
    and other say 15amps so check it out it might work

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  2. NF4 boards are 12v hungry. I am having OC problems because my Antec 550 watt only provides 24a on its single 12v rail.

    I have an MSI Neo 4 Platinum, 3000+, 512 PC 3500, 6 hard drives, 2 optical drives.

    When I added one more hard drive in the process of working on a friends PC my sysetm when from 100% stable (tested over 24 hours with prime 95, Sandra 2005, 3dMark05 ect) to crashing every hour even when I cut back to stock speeds.

    The crashes mainly occurred when I was burning one DVD, running a quality check on another, encoding DivX then trying to access other drives all at the same time.

    When I remove two hard drives I can run prime 95, rip two dvds at once, run a search for *.*, do a virus scan and run 3dmark05 all at once and it won't crash.

    The Antec 550 watt has more than enough power (I ran a wattage calculator) and I just had 8 hard drives and 2 optical running with the same PSU in my NF2 a couple days ago.

    I think NF4 motherboars are just 12v hungry and designed to have their own rail.

    I might try a 20pin to 24 pin adapter, but as my motherboar manual says either works, and it will still be just one rail, I don't see how it will make any difference.

    I will probably keep the Antec 550 as two drives are going into my 2nd PC eventually anyway, but any new PSU I get will be ATX 12V
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