Which call of dutys the best blackops or mw3

which call of duty s the best blackops or mw3 :heink: :ouch:
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  1. MW3 any day!! Black FLops sucked big time!
  2. I don't really play CoD anymore but I used to play a hell of a lot.

    I played a lot of Black Ops and imo it is far better than MW3. MW3 is a step backwards imo.
  3. Hi :)

    Mw3 ...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. If you're into more... "historical" missions, with a twist, go for Black Ops, if modern-day-action-packed-Michael-Bay-on-steroids type of shooting bad guys is your poison, go with Modern Warfare 3.
  5. To me the black ops campaign is better, i like conspiracy. but the game lacks in multiplayer (only if you like to kill nazi's zombies)

    Modern Warfare multiplaying is the best, but the campaign is ok.
  6. for online experience, black ops. maps are better because they were not also designed for survival mode. there is more diversity in guns, and wager matches are amazing. the money concept is nice as well.
  7. Call of Duty 4.
  8. i played every cod from 1 to mw3 and i think that 1,2 mw1 and united offensive (the expansion for 1) are not only the best but the only really playable keep in mind i played all on ps3 and pc so idk about xbox
  9. Black Ops.

    I'm a big CoD fan, backlash be damned, and the thing that separates Black Ops from all the other titles in the series is the story. I think everything about it -- the voice acting, the structure, the narrative frame, the characters -- is fantastic.

    But that's just me. I'm big on stories and narratives in single player experiences. I'll concede that MW3's MP offerings are richer, though I myself prefer the Black Ops maps and modes.
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