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lian-li cases are they worth it. and psu compatabi

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March 9, 2005 5:59:50 AM

i`m interested in a lian-li
either a;
pc-v2100b or a

does anyone have either case? are they any good?
i heard psu`s are very hard to match up with these cases
is that true?

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March 9, 2005 10:57:46 PM

I have the 1200b and it is the best case I have ever seen. I would have gotten the 1100b but I needed the extra space the 1200b gives. Those are probably the best cases avaliable right now. Their only downfall is their price but if you can afford it go for it.
You will definatly not have any psu problems in the 2100b and I sincerely doubt you will have problems in the 1100b. If you plan on getting some sort of nonstandard psu like redundant psus you might run into a length prob in the 1100b but other than that it should be fine.

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March 10, 2005 1:49:13 AM

yeah they are expensive
2100 275.50
1100 230
1200 210

a lot for a case especially consedering my first case cost me like 30 with a psu
i think they look great and i`ve been told they are worth it
i think i should go for the largest case however, i would be very nervous if the psu didn`t fit and the 2100 looks like i could park a car in the psu area, and besides its only 65$ more than the 1200, i mean when your paying this kind of money for a case whats an extra 65

i have 2 questiond though what is that bar in the MB bay that seems to have screws coming out the side of it?
is that some kind of card stabilizer?
and why does teh rear fan seem to be covered by some kind of housing is that a duct?


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March 10, 2005 2:04:12 AM

The bar across the mobo tray is a card stabilizer, it works very well. The duct on the rear fan reduces fan noise greatly.

Make sure you have a lot of space for that 2100b, it is VERY big. Much larger than other full tower cases.

<A HREF="" target="_new">My precious...</A>
March 10, 2005 2:59:49 AM

the card stabilizer seems like a good idea i couldn`t imagine how it would work though.
do you have problems with the duct getting dusty?
and yeah i`m kinda short on space i might have to get rid of some stuff but i think i can fit it under my desk, i haven`t measured yet but 8.3x24.3x25.6
doesn`t seem terribly bigger than my antec case
.. measuring...
actually that thing is a frigging monster
do you think i`ll have a prob getting a psu into say a
and would you happen to have measurements of ur psu bay
i`m sure the 1200 is slightly bigger

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March 10, 2005 11:02:15 AM

I have 2 Lian Li case (PC60 and PC 68) for a few years. I really liked them. I will get a V2000 when I build my next computer.
March 10, 2005 5:12:24 PM

The distance from the back of the case to the middle divider (between psu and hard drives) is about 10.6 inches. You shouldn't have any probs fitting a psu in that :) 

<A HREF="" target="_new">My precious...</A>
March 13, 2005 5:50:56 AM

any other case companies good?

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March 13, 2005 5:54:04 AM

Antec has solid if basic cases, and thermaltake cases are ok as well, if a bit pricey.

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March 13, 2005 11:39:08 AM

I like the lian-li's for their huge drive capacities. my dell has 2 front 5.25 bays and the top and right sides of the case are rivited on. Guess what - one of the CD-ROMS is dead!! Can't get it out unless i drill out the rivits that are 3/4" away from the motherboard!! So all my new drives are external.

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