Need help in selecting graphics card

i just recently upgrade pc from a core e7600 socket 775 to

i5 2400
aus p8z68 motherboard
8gb ddr3 1600mhz

at the moment im reusing a hd 4670. what gpu do you guys recommend

ill mainly use it for skyrim and battlefield 3

would like to be able to play skyrim on medium-high.

should i wait for the rest of the hd 7xxx series?

got upto £200 to spend. is that enough?

(forgot to mention i live in the uk)
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  1. I have 2 6970's and with one activated I can play Skyrim on high without a problem. I would Suggest gettting a 6950 with the ability to flash the bios to a 6970. There pretty cheap!

    If you look on Ebay im sure you could find one cheaper. But with this card im positive you would be able to play the game on high without a problem.

    If you have any other question please dont hesitate to pm me!
  2. In the UK, on "ebuyer", the 6950 is only £198 i've noticed, you get free delivery too. Thats' the top of the range for your money, if you want something much cheaper then get the 6850 that's what i've got.
  3. Whats your powersupply?
    Going from a 4670 to a 6950 is a big jump in power consumption.
  4. 750 watt ocz

    when i upgraded i made sure to buy a big enough psu

    if i remember right the tdp is only arround 100 watts

    most gpus are under 200 watts.

    only got 2hdd's and dvd writter so 750watt should be plenty

    I am currently using this, flashed to a 6970 then overclocked a little, playing BF3 on max, able to get 15-20 fps on metro 2033 on absolute max, running at 5760x1080.

    Amazing card, only trouble is its a tripple slot card and its almost impossible to crossfire them without getting a very large mobo, but tbh I havnt found a need to get a second card.
  6. is that a micro atx motherboard you have there? asus p8z68? I wonder if doing say two 6850's or 6770's in Crossfire would be good. Lmao Signor that graphics card takes up three slots, i don't think i've seen one like that before. But the 6950 on ebuyer by powercolor is just £197 that's £227.
  7. takes up 3 slots but the cooling on it is amazing, the only 1 which gives similar results is the twin frozr from MSI, able to have it unlocked and overclocked and still staying ~35 degrees is pretty nice
  8. thanks for the recommendation ill probably pick up a 6950.

    might get that tripple lane one. i know ive got enough room. its an antec 300 case (5 brackets between current card and power supply
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