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Hello all, first post here.

I am currently undergoing an interesting project.
I'm trying to get desktop parts fitted within a laptop. I have planned it all out in detail so that i can get those parts to fit within the laptop, with the help of some heavy motherboard modifications.
However i have not figured out how i will power the computer.
I'm planning on using this battery:

The comp will have a pentium m dothan 2 GHZ (possibly OC'ed),Geforce 6800 ultra and a DFI 855GME-MGF desktop motherboard.
So basically it will need some more amps than regular laptops. I can actually get these parts to fit an Inspiron 5150 case, though not the cd rom, but usb is invented.

I'll probably need some sort of charger board and an adapter plus the Powerpad battery.

I was hoping someone here could tell me a way to deliver sufficient power to the computer, while charging the battery, and the battery needs to take control when the primary power source is no longer there. Just as the way the power on a laptop works.
Any ideas??

I was thinking about using an UPS, but i don't think the battery on those are very long lasting.
Do you think i could replace the battery in a UPS with the Powerpad battery?? Would it charge within an acceptable time frame?

Do the desktop components use the same volts and everything as laptop parts?

Also i still need to figure out how to get the laptop keyboard and touchpad mouse to function with the desktop motherboard. Will simple soldering work??

Any help is much appreciated

I was thinking that maybe i could use a powerful laptop power source, such as the ones found here:

But then i would need some device to charge the battery and run the computer... Any ideas on what i could use?
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  1. you are insane. man, i came back to edit this post to further explain my position and i just dont know where to start!
    why would you do that? no matter how creative you can be teh thing will be at least 3 inches thick. and if your planning to power it with an ups whats the point of the computer being the size of a laptop??? the ups will be many times the weight of the computer.

    go tell your alien brothers, that ronnie cordova says they're gay!!! <A HREF="" target="_new"> sock baby </A><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by jihiggs on 03/18/05 09:15 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  2. The reason to do it is simply because of interest.
    I didn't know the UPS were that big, never seen one. Anyhow, i was planing on modifying it.

    Actally i believe i can keep the hight of the Inspiron 5150 chassis, with the desktop parts inside it. Or maybe highten it about 7 mm.
    I have looked carfully at the components and decided what to use in the laptop. By my reckoning, i can empty an area on the mother boeard for some PCI slots, and solder some things, so that it will make room for the GPU to sit directly on the motherboard printplate.
    Also i have found some slim heat pipes that can transfer the heat to a large enough heat sink, and fans to fit in the comp.

    I edited my first post with a link to a power suply, in the size of a regulat laptop power suply. Then i need some way to charge the battery

    I stronlgy believe that this can be done.

    Go tell Ronnie to sell his comp for 4.000$
  3. I dont want to burst your bubble or anything but there is no way this can turn out good. I think you will be much happier just buying a Dell XPS 2 or something similar. It will be faster, leave much more money in your pocket, and be MUCH more practical.

    The UPS required to give that thing any sort of battery life would be much larger than the computer itself. There is NO way you could make this thing small, it just isn't possible.

    If you are making this for braging rights it isn't goona happen. This would be nothing to brag about, lol. Ohh, check out my 6" thick laptop!

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  4. Lighten up guys. This is just a project to use my spare time on. I see nothing wrong in trying to do this.

    I have some old parts that i can use to test it with, so i have nothing to lose if it fails.

    Well, guess i have to ask in another forum
  5. We definatly can't stop you from doing this. We are just voicing our optinions in an attempt to stop you from doing this, lol :)

    For charging the ups just use the hardware it comes with. I'm not sure that it would be wise to modify a ups and put it very close to computer hardware. They use large lead acid batteries and can have fairly strong magnetic fields. I've seen older/improperly shielded UPSs destroy many a monitor due to close proximity, imagine what it would do to computer hardware. Also because they use lead acid batteries UPSs are extremely heavy. My little 1200va belkin UPS weighs more than my 22" mitsubishi CRT.

    There is no UPS on the face of the earth no matter how modded that will fit in a Inspiron 5150 case. And I sincerely doubt there is any laptop battery that could handle a desktop system.

    A desktop in a laptop would definatly be a very small form factor. If you have it on AC all the time it might actually work out nicely. I'd suggest sticking to that and not worrying about batteries.

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