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Hello, just new in this installation thing hope u can help me :)) trying to install windows 7 from vista starter, im just worried that since it won't allow me to upgrade, only to "custom" install, it tells me that my files will be lost. I don't know if backing-up my files is enough not to lose any file. "Back-up" for me was placing all my files at drives c and d..the primary & the secondary storage i guess...i hope this info will suffice..haha sori i know how to use computers but zero in these kinds of issues :)) responses will really be appreciated :))
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  1. Hi Joveninz,

    Yes, you'll want to back up your files and be prepared to reinstall your programs as doing a custom installation will wipe you're computer. Have you checked out Windows Easy Transfer? You can read about it here, as well as the other tips in this guide that will help you walk through the upgrade process.

    Hope this helps!

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  2. hi thanks for the quick response :) i tried dl windows upgrade advisor but im getting an error saying that it's not a valid win32 application :(( if i dont use the easy transfer and just saved my files at drives C and D, will they also be lost when i custom install? the last time that they re-installed the vista starter, my files on those drives were still there...will it still be there if i custom install? thanks! :))
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