Dell 4600 Power supply

Can anybody recommend a replacement power supply? I'm confused. Do I have to install a DELL power supply? Please advise.

The computer is just out of warrantly by 3-4 months!!!!
I was looking at power supplies at this site--thye have a psecial tab for DELL.

Thanks for your help.
Tony V
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  1. Most P4 Dells use standard wiring, so I'd just look at the connectors and see if you have a 20-pin and 4-pin connection going to the motherboard. P3 Dells were wired differently from standard or the newer Dells.

    If you find the connectors are standard, then the only "proprietary" part is whether the power socket is mounted high or low. Dell blocks the other configuration with sheet metal. You can figure out if your new power supply has the power plug in the same location simply by looking at a picture of it.

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