Need $500 to $600 gaming desktop build

ok I have bf3 and i tryed to play it on my dell dimension 3000. WTF is all is said so now im trying to buy a new tower for bf3 and minecraft mostly.On minecraft I t does the same thing i cant even get above 5 fps I need a build that will get me 30 fps< and not drop below it have never saw the settings for bf3 but plz try to get me high or ultra. i also dont know does it matter between windows xp and windows 7 home and etc... for gaming does it matter because windows xp is fine . additional question are there any $50 to $100 moniters because i need a clear moniter hd prefered if there are some cheap ones at least plz tell me thanks
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  1. Hi :)

    You are not going to build a gaming PC for that sort of graphics card alone cost morre than that....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. In order to run BF3 you need to have either Windows Vista or Windows 7, BF3 will not work with Windows XP as that OS does not support DirectX10.

    Getting high or ultra in BF3 is probably going to require a higher budget than what you have. Running BF3 on high at 1080p requires a graphics card in the $150 to $200 at a minimum. Even if you went with AMD to save money on the CPU and motherboard, you would really be stretching that budget to get a decent graphics card. You also have to consider that you will need to spend at least $100 on a Windows 7 license, unless you can find a really good deal on an OEM Home Premium disc. The exorbitant prices on hard drives right now also don't help out the budget builder.

    I would say save up some more cash before you consider building. For $600 the best GPU you are likely to get in any build would probably be something like the Radeon HD 6770 or GTX 550Ti, and those won't likely be able to pull of high settings in BF3 at 1080p. If you only have a 720p display or other low res display, you might be able to pull it off with the 6770/550Ti. If you really cut corners on the motherboard, and get an AMD Phenom II quad core, and get a slower smaller hard drive you might be able to squeeze in a better graphics card. You're going to have to really shop around if you want to build a PC that meets your requirements at your budget.
  3. brett..........quit bragging. who gives a $h!t about your e peen. but add $200 t0 your budget, $700 will give you... asrock p67 ex.4 $150, i3 2300k $125, 6950 gpu apx. $225 plus that leaves a little left to upgrade whatever
  4. just throw that into your existing case and im sure you will be satisfied
  5. @ NinjaNeff, will you be buying from newegg, if not tell me where and ill se what i can do for you, also what resolutions do you play at ?
  6. ya what res? what i posted means 1900x1200 at a mix of med. and high. What are you running at?

  7. I built my rig for 650 dollars.

    I'll dig through and get links, but basically here's the summary:

    AMD Phenom II X4 970 BE ( 3.5 GHZ )
    8 Gigs of DDR3 RAM
    Asus M489 GTD PRO USB3 Motherboard
    Nvidia 460 GTX
    WD 640 gig Caviar Black
    Corsair 750 ( or 850 can't remember ) Watt modular PSU

    Already had a Duel layer dvd burner, so I reused that. As I did the case, the case is reused.
  8. Keep in mind this was built a year ago, so prices have dropped since then.

    My desktop has no issues running skyrim at 1920/1080 most settings on very high or ultra, just to give you an idea for workload.

    I think its a 7.4 on the windows experience index.

    Processor: 125 dollars

    Motherboard: 150 dollars

    Graphics Card: 135 dollars

    RAM: 25 dollars

    PSU: 150 dollars

    HDD: The one I have is out of stock, but I got it for $ 75


    660 dollars prior to rebates.
  9. Bare in mind the price of HDDs has near enough doubled...
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