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so i read the DIY overhead projector, easily came across a projector and procliamed a laptop useless, in order to yank the xga tft out.
after all said, done, cleaned and comes the bummer...
how the hell do i make the Laptop lcd "talk"to a regular graphics card???

LCD - Hitachi tx34d61vc1had
connector - THC63LVDF63A
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  1. LOL, sorry, but it often can't be done. You'd first have to get a schematic to show you which wire does what, and then you'd have to try and correspond most of those wires to a DVI cable. Good luck!

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  2. found the schematic, but i can't make heads or tails out of it...
    chip id: THC63LVDF6
    anyhow thatz only the chip, not the LCD schematic.
    LCD model is: Hitachi TX34D61VC1HAD with a 25 pin chip and the chip the THC63LVDF63A connects to is TX34D61VC, but after hours of googling i till haven't found a schematic for it.
  3. You will need to take out the video controller from the laptop also. Since most of the technology is proprietary to the specific manufacturer, you'd be hard pressed to make this work.

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