New help with PS for 1st time build

Hey guys, I need some advice on a PS for my first system I'm currently building, here's what I got so far.

AMD 64 3200
Asus A8N-E mobo
Radeon x700 pci-x
1gb twinmos dual channel ram

Whats the minimum wattage I should get for this setup? I know the video card is gonna require more juice.

I was thinking a 450 would be fine, but I'd like a 2nd opinion.

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  1. The name brand is more important than the capacity. I'd go with a 400W or greater Fortron Source, Sparkle Power, or Aopen power supply (all three with FSP model numbers are the same). Lots of people are buying their lighted 500W supply right now.

    Antec's True Power is a little weaker, but any True Power over 400W should still do.

    Enermax is a little weaker still, but I believe more of their power is concentrated on the 12v line. Anything from Enermax rated over 430W should be fine (I believe their 465 might actually be rated 450W but haven't looked recently).

    As for cheap brands, most of them are crap regardless of capacity rating. One cheaper brand I can vouch for being fairly good is L&C, I can't recommend any other cheaper brands.

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  2. although i agree with crashman about brand being very important in a psu, that setup needs VERY little power. you could get by with a 350W PSU if you needed to, but i would say that a 430W antec truepower would hit the spot for that system.

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  3. 350W is just to small for todays systems. A system is only as good as the PSU that powers it. Even with a quality 350W PSU it would be working very hard to keep up especially if any hardware is added down the line. The difference in price between even a 400W and 350W just isnt enough to justify the savings IMO.

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  4. Beware that PSU vendors routinely lie about their ratings by measuring them at 25C instead of a realistic internal temperature around 40C. The reviewers all go along with this lie. Spend $30 on an infrared themometer and find out the true temperature under load in your PC.

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