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I buy a new pc case with power supply, i transfer my old hardware into new case, i turn on the power it when good, the hardware is working fine until my cpu boot in windows xp, when my cpu boot in windows, when it reach to the login screen, my cpu automatically when shutdown, i dont know what is wrong? or i just miss some few cable or what?
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  1. More information required. What are your system specifications? What brand and rating of new power supply?

    As a wild guess, I would guess your CPU heatsink/fan shifted and overheating shut down the system, but that's a wild guess. Could also be some power connector isn't plugged in.

  2. I agree that it sound like overheating. However, if it only specifically shuts down when you reach win it might be something else. An overheated cpu will keep shutting down during startup regardless if you've reached windows or not ( I have some personal experience here :) ).
    Also I had a similar problem when my agp-port stopped working, reached windows and the screen went black. This is because you comp doesn't use the graphics card until you reach windows, but shouldn't result in a complete shut-down. Did you damage the vidcard fan maybe? It's pretty easy to do :P . Then again it could be anything at this point. Your probably using a new PSU with the new case? Post some specs and it will be easier to tell...

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