Power Supply corrupted windows system files!??!!?

Is such a thing possible? I just upgraded my PSU.
Here's my new PSU....
Here is my old PSU....

And now it seems that BOTH my hard-drives are f'ed. They are Both Western Digital IDE drives 1x60g 1x80g. Both have windows installed on them, and both give me the same message about the corrupt file before it boots up. I have a partition-recover program, and I can use it to go in and see that I have all of my files on my HD in tact. However I can't boot off of them. I am just totally shocked that this happened. I never would have thought a power supply could destroy parts of a hard-drive. I just hope that the drives aren't physically damaged, and that I can recover from them, and get a new install of windows going. I will have to do that soon anyways because I'm changing motherboards.. but I don't want to lose my data.... or have to buy new drives.

Is there anything that I should know
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  1. Yes course voltage - unfiltered can corrupt files, but it would have to be bad.

    PSU plus MB has power smoothing components also so should'nt be a problem.

    The recomendation as well is that no other appliances such as fridges, should be on the same wall socket, but I have.

    1 x fridge, 1x DVD, 1x fan, and have not had any problems.

    However, I once had corrupted files and the problem in my opinion was a mobile phone placed on top of the tower. I had to reinstal the OS to correct it.

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  2. False alarm everyone. It turned out to be the ram that I also added. Put my old stuff in, and it booted up fine. Didn't even have to do a repair.

    Even though it's solved... The PSU questions still apply. Where can I find more info? What is most important to know?

  3. I suppose in theory if the hard drives were undervolted then they might give read errors. They might even make write errors. I've seen it happen on an old system with power problems. I'd hope that modern systems would be a little better about these things though. But then again, maybe they aren't.

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