Good games for my PS2

Hi I am having FIFA 12, and planning to buy POP, HItman Blood money, and NBA 2K12. Could someone suggest some real good games for my PS2..

Though the console is bit outdated.. even some good old games would suffice.. New games would be welcome....
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  1. Metal Gear Solid 2
    Freedom Fighters
    Red Faction
    GTA: Vice City
    Resident Evil 4
    Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
  2. Ive been doing the same thing PS2 FTW!!!! \(^O ^)
    anyway from my still small library i loved

    Shadow Of the Colossus (probably one of the greatest gaming experiences for the PS2)
    Devil may cry 1,2,3
    Silent Hill 2
    Katamari Damacy
    the Xenosaga trilogy (if you don't like turn based combat skip this one)
    Mortal Kombat Armageddon
    Final Fantasy VII and XII
    Prince of Persia: Sands or time
    God of war 1+2
    and Medal of Honor European Assault (just for the fun multiplayer)

    and if your into JRPGS the .Hack GU series is great

    hope this helped :)
  3. Definitely go for the God of War series!! That's an absolute brilliant series!! I also strongly recommend Mortal Kombat Armageddon. Brilliant titles!

    EDIT: Also go for Black. Another awesome game! Had me hooked and the graphics are simply awesome for PS2 standards!
  4. while o never play my ps2 any more hers some good games

    god of war 1&2
    ratchet and clank up your arsenal
    star wars battlefront 2
    grand torimo is kind of out of date like bad looking compared to other ps2 games but its still good anyway hope you like some of these
  5. You should try these games
    1. Final Fantasy X
    2. God Of War
    3. Jack II
    4. SSX #
    5. Guitar Hero II

    car racing games online
  6. ps2 is probably the best console to date with runner up being snes.

    To give you a few more:

    wild arms series (3 & 4 of ps2 I think)
    shadow hearts 1,2,3
    MGS 2,3 and 1st remake called twin snakes
    Shinobi 1 & 2
  7. Oh wow shadow hearts looks awesome (a lot like Xenosaga, and with same number a sequels)

    i know what im going to look for next time i go to Rock 30 ;P
  8. Final Fantasy 10 & 12
    Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2
    Shadow of the Colossus
    Star Wars Battle Front 1 & 2
    Prince of Persia
    Max Payne 1 & 2
    GTA (any of them)
    Ratchet & Clank
    Fifa Street 1 & 2
    Get Up
    Dark Chronicle
    Smugglers run
    Odd World Stranger Wrath(Pure Awesome if you can get hold of it)

    For PS2 games the list just goes on for class games
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