Best gaming headset under $30.. or about

Ok I am something wrote out when my wife drove me crazy and somehow I lost the page and it was all removed

ok so, I used the microsoft LX-3000 some time.. mic always goes out

I want something like the lx-3000 but doesnt break so easy..

unsure what to go with and I am willing to pay over $30 but not much and not if its not general really worth the few dollars
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  1. i havent bought many gaming headphones (i like to keep the mic and phones separate) but the Sony MDR-XD100 Headphones are amazing for only $20
    very comfortable, great sound, had me tripping balls all the way through the game Amnesia XD

    no mic but super awesome for the price

    hope this helped :)
  2. I have now got some sennheiser 360 Game Headset, i would reccomend them to anyone but they are out of ur price range. before i got my sennheiser i tried some 5.1 headphones but went back to 1st headset i bought logitech fatality gaming headset, i think there is a new version of them now. they are reasonbly comfy and have good sound too for the price, I like listening to music aswell as gaming and they have a fairly balanced sound, the 3d surround sound on the x fi was good on call of duty u could actualy tell if the sound was coming from behind u or in front, hope this helps u
  3. thanks for the tips, did anyone else have input?
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