Um ... which one of you guys is Trent?

Trent ... that name shall forever be the main character in Freelancer ... voiceover by some guy from that cheezy TV show "90210" er ... Ian Ziering I think?

This guy might have more kids than me but I worked a lot harder for each one.

Don't watch the production videos or god will punish you !!

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  1. Wow. Just wow.

    I feel bad for the 14 kids.

    They even have evidence of how they were conceived........ Ewwww
  2. wanamingo said:
    Wow. Just wow.

    I feel bad for the 14 kids.

    Can't say better.

    Poor kids. a virgin californian for father... brrrrr....
  3. Sigh. Made me look. Did not go farther than the article though.

    Way more information than I wanted to know.
  4. This is so anti-Christ (the father is a virgin as oppose to the mother is). :D

    Do you think the pope knows wanamingo?
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