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hi all

im looking for some reccomendations of good third person shooters, action, adventure type games. Thanks in advance :bounce:
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  1. The only ones I've played recently are Mass Effect 1 & 2 and GTA 4. I'm not big on 3rd person games. Other than those three I've played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2. That's it.
  2. cool yeah i have GTA 4 i will check out the star wars games thanks
  3. Those Star Wars are old games and are not officially supported by Windows 7. I believe there is an hack for them so you can play in Win 7.

    I highly recommend Mass Effect though if you have not played it. It has a very good storyline which is a reason why I bought and BioWare is known for making excellent RGPs.

    BioWare also developed the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 (KOTOR 2 was developed by Obsidian), but the controls are a bit quirky compared to Mass Effect. Not surprising since BioWare had a long time to refine the controls.

    I am contemplating Dragon Age: Origins (2009) because it has received good reviews and it is another RPG developed by BioWare so I'm pretty sure I will give this 3rd person game a shot.
  4. The last two red faction I think were third person. And just cause 2 another third person was better then I thought it was going to be.
  5. ArmA 1&2, Combat Sims though, very difficult

    the thing is their 1st and 3rd person all you gotta do is press "Enter" on the Number Pad and you'll switch to 3rd person.

  6. cool guys thanks for the recommendations I will definitely take a look at these
  7. Dead Space 1 and 2! One of the best Third Persons's AND its a horror series! Also, Max Payne 1 and 2 are good oldies. Splinter Cell: Conviction...great stealth play!
  8. Just Cause 2, The Witcher 2, Dead Rising 2, Red Faction Guerilla (new one is poor imo)

    Skyrim can be played in TPS
  9. Dead space 2 and Mass effect 1 or 2 take this completely hats off. :-)
  10. Also Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. If you liked Baldur's Gate and Champions of Norrath, this is your game. There's a PC demo if you want to try it out first. (Though if you have a Radeon card you'll need to force at least 2x MSAA in CCC to play the demo on all high settings.)
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