Should I return this PSU?

Just got an X-connect 500w PSU. Love the clean wires, but it's useless if it's going to harm my system... mostly I got it for stability because I was planning to overclock more... every review on it has been very positive.

I've got 12.9v on the 12v rail, I've seen it spike to 13.1 under load. That's pretty damn close to the 10% tolerance on a brand new PSU.

What do you guys think? Is overvoltage less worrysome than undervoltage? Will it flatten out in time?

Should I worry about my video card, from what I understand the molex on it draws power from the 12v rail?

If you got this thing would you return it?

Thanks mates,

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  1. Wow thats a good rail, too god that is. Yes I would be worried for down the road that kind of rail could blow out a 12v component.

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  2. i doubt it will hurt anything. 12v on a car with the alternator running is like 13.5v.

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