Skyrim frame rate is very low

Okay I have an Alienware M15x with the Intel i7, Radeon Mobility HD 5730 video card, and windows 7. My drivers are up to date.

I got Skyrim and played in on High setting for about a month with no problem... over 65 hours gameplay and no problems what so ever. Then, I update my display driver and try to run it, and the frame rate in insanely low. The game auto detects best settings at High, but is only barely smooth at Low settings. But, when I updated my drivers, in the system information is said my video card was something like a 6900M/5700 instead of the regular 5730 HD it had listed earlier. So I rolled my driver back to see if it would fix my problems, and it didnt. Skyrim is still low FPS. I can run WoW and Runescape no problem... but Skyrim is flat out glitchy now and I cannot fix it. any help?
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  1. Did you do a clean install of the drivers? Or use something like Driver sweeper?
  2. Im sure it was a clean install... the catalyst install manager said it was successfull..
  3. In your device manager what does it have listed under display adapters?
  4. (Vista) ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730
  5. Try a driver sweeper like driver sweeper =). See if that helps.
  6. what does it do?
  7. removes any left over dust from a driver.
  8. you think that will help?
  9. worth a shot if you haven't tried any other software to remove the driver completely other then the built in one included with the driver itself.
  10. okay so it will remove all the older versions?
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