Which is a good gaming mouse?

I am looking for a good gaming mouse. Preferably cordless.

I purchased an expensive (corded) Razer mouse because of the recomendation of TH reviews...described as an excellente gaming mouse due to the response speed of it. But the speed of the mouse is also its greater defect because it causes to loose control of the weapons being used (aiming becomes almost impossible because moving the mouse a fraction of an inch on the pad translates into a very large movement on the screen and happens so fast that the eye can berely catch it).

Also...the RAZER mouse becomes very clanky and buttons hard to control after some use.
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  1. The best cordless mouse out there is the logitech mx1000 by a long shot.

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  2. MX1000 indeed of you want a cordless one, MX510/MX518 for normal cord one.

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