Antec Super LANBoy review; alternatives?

I never thought I would say this about anything, but this case is too innovative.

- The side mounted hard drives are really cool, but my power supply came with equally cool power cables with huge connectors that stick out so the side panel won't fit.
- Aluminum is light and looks cool, but it dents like a cheap soda can. If I need something transportable, it should be plastic so it can take the occasional knock. If it isn't going anywhere, it should be steel so it can take the occasional knock.
- The tool case is cool, but the lid sticks when you try to open it. I guess this can be fixed with some lube.
- The front bay door is just a pain. When it's open it swings out and gets in my face. And I would never want it closed except when I'm moving the PC. I attacked the case with a screwdriver and could not figure out how to get rid of the door.

Given all the above, I'm looking for a non-innovative, non-aluminum, cheap case without a front bay door. If anyone can recommend one, please let me know. Oh, and I already have an Ultra X-Connect power supply.
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  1. Look around for the old 90's style Inwin and Enlight cases, they are solid and have a classic look, at least when you get them in black. They are still available from a few venders. The Inwin opens easier than the have to pop the front panel off the Enlight and slide the panel forward to remove it, rather than backwards like on Inwin and most other cases.

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