ASUS ML239H (MVA) VS ASUS ML239H(IPS) VS ASUS ML248(Panel type?)

Hi, I'dlike to know which of those 3 monitors is the best for gaming, also i'd like to know what's the difference between IPS and MVA panels and their effect on gaming.
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  1. VA panels are more notorious for ghosting issues (like bad ghosting, really noticeable) than IPS panels which themselves are touchy and have to be investigated on a case by case basis, so definitely not the MVA.

    To be honest I thought that their ML series had issues too and that was the reason behind them releasing the PA series IPS panel which had reduced ghosting but serious backlight bleed issues.
  2. But why is backlight bleeding so important? i mean, it's not like i'm gonna be using my monitor with a black screen all the time.

    I'm going for the IPS panel as they have less ghosting and that asus model has a low response time
  3. As far as I know, the only current-gen IPS panel with reputed low latency/ghosting is the dell 22-23-24 inch monitors.

    The backlight bleeding becomes a nuisance in darker games, Metro 2033 for example. I actually saw a picture of what they meant by the backlight bleed on the PA series from Asus and it was really bad. Not just the corners, but spanning the entire bezel length.

    The Dell is the only IPS I can really recommend at the moment for the purpose of gaming. For the purpose of just a nice picture, they all look good.
  4. I did saw some Dell IPS's that i liked, but the only problem is that they lack a HDMI connector
  5. Can you recommend one that is an IPS panel and does have an HDMI connector AND has a low response rate or it's know for good gaming perfomance?
  6. I actually can't think of one with an HDMI connector that is reputed for gaming performance. is as close as I can think of but that is the model with horrendous back light bleeding in a lot of feedback.

    I'm presuming you actually use sound through monitor speakers and that is why you want the HDMI connector?
  7. I don't use monitor speakers, but i've always thought that HDMI had better image quality over the other types of connectors. If this isn't true, then Dell is the way to go?
    And if so, what Dell monitor should i get?
  8. DVI and HDMI are both digital video output. The only variation in digital image output is whether or not it gets there. There is no difference in image quality between HDMI and DVI. They are literally the same video signal.

    If you don't actually need HDMI in light of this, then the Dell u2312hm 1920x1080 is on sale right now on dell's website for 235 bucks, with free shipping and 3 year screen warranty. I just grabbed one myself and I'm not disappointed. A little backlight bleed in the lower right corner as I expected, but it's not egregious and it's far better than the images I saw of the Asus PA series backlight bleed.

    I would give it a solid recommendation. I don't get any ghosting in BF3, Shift 2, Dirt 2, Dirt 3, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Sonic Generations (these are all games where I would be suspicious of apparent ghosting due to the rate of movement or the rate which I move the camera). No noticeable input lag, pretty much have to say I'm completely satisfied with it.
  9. Wow i just read a review about that monitor and i loved it, ordering right now from Newegg ($275) as i didn't see any sale on the dell website. I'm still a bit worried that the response time is 8ms, but you say there is no ghosting on BF3 which is one of the games i most play. It also has the lowest input lag I've ever seen on a monitor 0.6 MS!!!
    Here is the review that made me buy it: Dell U2312HM
  10. Well I don't think you'll be disappointed. I actually came across that same review while I was shopping and it's pretty accurate. I've had the same experience with the monitor that they relate in the review. Best of luck and I hope your monitor arrives intact and looking nice.

    Not that it will come as a big surprise, but it does ship with a DVI cable so if you don't currently have one for whatever reason, you'll be fine.
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