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I currently have the Xaser3 and am looking at getting a mid size case that hopefully will give me cooler temps and good airflow. I have been looking at the thermaltake Tsunami, would this be a good case for a replacement to the Xaser3. Does anyone have any suggestions for a case close to $100 no more than $150 with good ventilation to keep temps down and have room for my rig? Is there some other brand/models I should look at?Thanks in advance.

My current rig:
A64 3000
DFI NF4 Ultra-D
Lite-On SOHW 832s
Floppy drive
Aspire 520W PSU
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  1. I have the Thermaltake SOPRANO with window (so it has the extra fan) but have yet to receive all my componenets to put my machine together but i can tell u now, im damn excited to use the case.

    It is layed out very well and the toolless assembully (while not really fully toolless) is very neat and surprisingly stable. only abuse that well ... would hurt ANY computer would compromise the system.

    The 2x 120mm fans 1 in the upper rear exausting + the front bottom intake is great as it blows directly over your hard drive rack and depending on Mobo ur northbridge/pci slots. The front intake fan also comes with a removeable (and therefore cleanable dust filter, a BIG plus)
    The top exaust in conjunction with a dual fan power supply is a formidable combo as well as it not only vents warm air collecting in the top of the case but also is right next to the CPU! the side fan also is great as it blows directly over your PCIe/AGP slot.

    The case also has a couple great features like a easy to install 3 position front door (closed, drives, installation) and looks just great. the side panel has a tamper switch to alarm you when the door is opened (while not neccisary, neat) and keys for both the front and side are great. The case also has feet which can be folded out to provide more stability. oh, and the 2 USB 2.0 and fier wire + audio jacks on TOP of the case are great with a snazy push cover to conceal them.

    I think the case is gona be wonderful and while it is a bit heavy for a lan computer, hey, its a AMAZING case. i HIGHLY recomend it.
  2. That helps a little bit b/c I was actually looking at that case along with the Tsunami. Sounds like they have pretty much the same features as my Xaser 3 but they are smaller and lighter. I am trying to figure out if they will give me lower temps and better circulation. Thanks again Ramzie
  3. course :) only diffirence i noticed on the Tsunami vs. the soprano is that the case door has slots for the intake so it can be shut and effective pull air in. so ... $30 or leave your case door open when under heavy use ... id go with the SOPRANO, if your still lookign within the week ill post with the results when i build my system.
  4. ok, sounds good to me. How much did you get your soprano for? did you get the one with the window and the extra 9cm fan? I can find one of thsoe for about $75.
  5. Do you or anyone in this forum know what the exact differences are in the Tsunami and Soprano case? The only difference I really see is the shape and lights in the front of the case. Is this the only real difference, if so, it definitely isnt worth the price difference.
  6. thats the only diffirence i found + that it has the vents for the front intake in the door (so it can intake efficently with the door shut) + the lights and "mirror finish".

    anyways yah 75 is cheaper then i got it for off newegg but id suggest it from newegg all the same.

    its a great case. Get the one with the window.
  7. another case I came across is the Antec SLK3000-B at newegg <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A> Does anyone know how this case would do compared to the Soprano or Tsunami? Thanks in advance.

    here are some other ones I found
    <A HREF="" target="_new">In-Win $50</A>

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  8. No front fan on that In-Win if that matters to you. May decrease the air flow. really likes the Antec SLK3000-B for both quality and low noise with 2x120 fans - front and back.
  9. After doing a lot of looking I am thinking about getting either the Antec SLK3000-B, TT Tsunami w/window, TT Soprano w/window, and the Lian Li PC-60BPlus. Out of these cases, which would give me better air circulation than my current Xaser3 and better temps? If I should go with the Tsunami or the Soprano I will make a bigger hole to accomodate a 120mm fan on the window. Thanks in advance.
  10. I commend a new case named CS-718. It is high quality
    with Enermax 450W PSU.
  11. that is a nice case but it cost $100 more than i want to spend. Thanks anyways
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