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Witcher 2 vs Skyrim

I am going to buy either Witcher 2 or Skyrim, not both of them. Skyrim is on sale with high-res pack today, and Witcher 2 Enhanced will be available on April. What will suit my gaming style better?

I played Oblivion on PS3 a few years ago, and was not that impressed with the graphics and game mechanics. But still I enjoyed the game, so don't get me wrong. Also played Fallout 3 on PS3, and got similar impression. Which one was better? I think Oblivion slightly.

Since I couldn't find a demo of Witcher 2, nor played Witcher 1, I don't quite have clear picture what this game is like. Currently I have the impression that it is somewhere in the middle between Elder Scroll and Dragon Age. If that is the case, I'm inclined toward playing this game over Skyrim.
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  1. skyrim is like oblivion only bigger and better.
    witcher 2 is really really hard and almost more grindy? played witcher 1, loved it have almost given up on witcher2 on first area, might start again at a lower difficult.
  2. Go for Skyrim its better value imo. I.e more gameplay/lasts longer.
  3. Skyrim has more replay value. You can go back and rebuild a completely different character and experience the game differently if you desire.
  4. Skyrim is more open ended.

    The Witcher 2 is more story driven and you feel more like you are part of the story.

    Both are great in different ways. I'm not sure which I'd play first. If you like the interactions you got out of Dragon Age: Origins, then the Witcher 2 is for you, if you like the open ended character development, then you'd prefer Skyrim, which I say is a lot better than Oblivion.
  5. agree with all above.
  6. Of the two I would prefer Skyrim. I'm not a big fan of 3rd person games. I haven't played many 3rd person games. In fact, I can list all the ones I have played...

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2
    Mass Effects 1 & 2
    GTA 4

    Well... that's it.

    I have played NeverWinter Nights which some people call a 3rd person game, but it's actually an isometric game like the Civilization series. You can move the camera around to make it look 3rd person though.
  7. If you did not like oblivion you won't like skyrim, I think you would prefer The Witcher 2
  8. bumnut53 said:
    If you did not like oblivion you won't like skyrim

    I disagree with this. I wasn't keen on Oblivion/Fallout 3 before I played Skyrim, however since I've played Skyrim (which I love) I've really gotten in to Bethesda games.

    I've now bought Fallout 3/NV and Oblivion after playing Skyrim and I'm really enjoying them this time around.

    I'm not saying everyone will be the same as me, but I do think Skyrims story & world is easier to get in to then previous Bethesda games.
  9. the leveling is better on skyrim, the way that the enemies tracked you in oblivion made gaining abilities kind of pointless.
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    I didn't like oblivion at all, it was hard, playing a mage was a pain in the ass and closing oblivion gates (which was like the main point of the game) was even bigger pain in the ass.

    But I love skyrim. It's a lot more welcoming and less punishing if you make mistakes. I believe it's a great improvement over oblivion.

    I haven't tried witcher 2, but I have played witcher 1. I've heard the two differ quite a lot, but the atmosphere and your involvement in the main story were so well done in the first one, it was an absolute pleasure to play. But I do agree it's a lot more constrained than skyrim.

    OP: ask yourself do you prefer a game with vast open world that rewards exploration and going off on your own to try things, or do you prefer a story driven game that allows for some degree of freedom but essentially you're tied down to the main story line in order to progress the game. Based on that you'll be able to decide which game you wish to get.

    Personally, I've preferred games with a well structured plot line like witcher myself, my favorites being single player fps games like HL2 and MoH (2010), ME 1&2 (maybe why I've also didn't enjoy oblivion as much), but after playing skyrim I think I'm changing my preferences.
  11. bumnut53 said:
    If you did not like oblivion you won't like skyrim, I think you would prefer The Witcher 2

    I didn't care for Oblivion, but I liked Skyrim quite a bit (logged 60 hours then decided to just go ahead and finish the main quest). Not sure that your assumption holds up on this one.
  12. I got bored of Oblivion, but I am trying to force myself to finish it after 2 years on hold. I at least wanna get my money's worth and I'm not gonna play Skyrim until I finish it.

    I loved Fallout 3. I just started my 4th game a couple of months ago. Got all the DLCs. Fallout: New Vegas? Well, it though I would like a lot more than I currently do. I played it once and only have the first two DLCs. Not sure if I'm going to buy if I'm going to buy Old World Blues and Lonesome Road. Maybe it has to do with the definitive ending or perhaps it did not seem as expansive as Fallout 3 was.
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