p160 Electromagnetic radiation problem

hi, i've recently had to do some health tests, and it's been found i've been exposed to strong computer radiation that has only come about since my purchase 2 months ago of the antec p160 case, before that, levels were normal. i am running an lcd monitor, and have read that it can't be that.

is anyone aware of any mods for the case, or reliable and effective devices that i can use to correct this problem?
i notice also that there is 3 large slots in the front, leading directly into the case from the front facing straight at me, and so thought to ask what material might stop the radiation leaking there as well?

does setting the fsb frequency modulation reduce radiation?

links to all relevant information greatly appreciated.

very intersted to solve this, as health is a real concern at the moment.
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  1. I don't think computers emit ionizing radiation.

    Your exposure to radiation is not related to your computer or its case. Even if the computer were to emit some sort of electromagnetic waves, the entire P160 case is metal and therefore would act as a Faraday cage.

    Now it's been a while since I took my E&M class, but I think the greatest danger from your computer is developiong Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from a non-ergonomic workstation.

    BTW, I'm sure some Q-Ray bracelets would solve your problems.
  2. Have wondered about health problems related to radiation from computers, I spend alot of time on mine - heh, not literally - and mine has a windowed side panel facing the side I sit on. I personally don't see how radiation from computers could be very bad, because it's not the kind of radiation like from a nuclear reactor right? Like for instance heat is technically radiation and its only fatal above 100 in my opinion. :P Will do search for computer radiationa and health problems. Hopefully will only come up with carpal tunnel syndrom links.
  3. Well, I searched for computer health problems and the first 3-4 hits only talked about physical strain. ie neck, rist, back, eyes. Just an FYI.
  4. i'm not convinced yet that it isn't the new case :)

    i'm thinking of how to measure different forms of radiation, like taking a microwave radiation thinger that you run around the door of microwaves (but it's only the first day i've even thought of it so that might be rediculous) and putting radiation screens from monitors in the front bezel.
  5. i think the form of radiation i'm looking for is 'electromagnetic interference' the kind that is supposed to subtly interfere with the autonomic nervous system, or subtle nervous system in naturopathic beliefs. So it would be the kind from coiled up power in electric blankets as well, although most people would think that to be harmless. i do not. i nearly bought the thermaltake case because it has some type of pin that is supposed to mute this interference in some way. no idea how it works or how to measure it yet.
  6. now thats what i call paranoia!!! you are a psycho if you think your computer is poisoning you.

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  7. Dont give up on this, Changerly. I can understand your predicament but sadly I have no objective, factual evidence to support the case either. There is a belief in certain health circles that lethargy caused by electro-magnetic devices is very real and that not all of us react in a similar manner when exposed to certain electronic forces. I know it sounds ridiculous too, but hang in there with your research because you just might come across anecdotal, or better, objective-based data supporting it.

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