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I'm having trouble trying to connect to Origin for EA...I'm trying to install BF3 on my pc, but I keep getting this connection error

Origin Network could not be reached. Please check your network connection and try again.

I've tried disabling my firewall, and I still get the same error.

Can someone PLEASE HELP ME...cause I just wanna play the game.
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  1. I think virtually everyone I know just installed and played.

    I've got to ask, is it legitimate? windows and the game?

    Have you tried installing as an administrator, i.e. right click when installing?
  2. Oh and can you change the title to something useful, like BF3 installation problems, you might get people looking at this who can help. Right now it looks like a 'can I play' type question.

    Also what are your specs.
  3. do you change the title?

    And second...botht my windows and the game are legit
  4. my specs far exceed the minimum for BF3...i just can't get origin to work...
  5. run as admin?
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