+3.3V +12V voltage problem

Okay, here's my problem. With two different monitoring programs (PC Wizard 2005 and SpeedFan 4.24) my +3.3V reads 1.60V and my +12V reads 5.78V - 6.07V. I've tried two different power supplies and they both read the same thing. Although, both power supplies read dead-on when installed on a different computer in my house. I've also tried plugging my computer in at the same place the other computer is plugged in at so I have absolutly no idea what's going on.
Here's the specs since I know you'll all want them:
AMD Athlon 2600+
EPoX 8RDA3I Pro mobo
768MB DDR PC2700 RAM
Sapphire ATI Radeon 9550 256MB
Western Digital Caviar 80GB HD
Sony DVD±RW DRU-510A DVD Burner
Sony CD±RW CRX160E CD Burner

Oh, and just so you're aware, on one Power Supply, my +5V reads 4.96V and on the one I currently have installed, it reads +5.01V - +5.07V Thanks in advance for any help I may recieve.
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  1. Do you have both monitoring programs running at once? That might mess with the voltage sensors.

    I doubt your PC would even boot with half voltages on the 3.3V and 12V rails.

    All rails fluctuate slightly. You need to start worry about a +- 5% (or is it 10%) or more fluctuation.
  2. Id' say the monitoring programs are wrong. If your computer boots, then your 3.3 & 12 lines are close to spec. At those #s, your hard drive wouldn't spin up, the CPU wouldn't get enough juice, and it wouldn't even boot.

    I'd guess they are configured for the wrong motherboard, so they're reading the sensors wrong.

    Like the other poster said - voltages should be within 5% of the spec (4.75-5.25 on the 5v rail), and a slight fluctuation is acceptable, though no fluctuation is best.

  3. Well, all I know is that the programs are NOT run simutaneously, BIOS doesn't show my +3.3V and/or +12V rails, and the programs haven't been messed with in any way, just downloaded and instaled. So I really don't know. At first I thought it was the power supply until I tried switching them out then someone suggested that maybe my processor was going bad? I don't feel like replacing parts that aren't defective.
  4. If your system is stable, I wouldn't worry about it. I doubt anything is wrong except for the software reading the sensor wrong.

    I wonder... MBM5 probably (don't have it here at work to check) has a config for your motherboard, I would d/l that and see if it reports them correctly. Or check your bios and see if it shows your voltages.

  5. It sounds like the program is reading vCore instead of 3.3v and the 5v line rather than the 12v line. It's common for such programs to confuse which sensors go to what reading.

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